Translating the Science of Medicine into Clinical Benefit.

We Believe that Contributing to Medicine is a Noble Endeavor

Translating the Science of Medicine into Clinical Benefit.

We Believe in the Power of the Science of Medicine

Translating the Science of Medicine into Clinical Benefit.

We Believe that Medicine has had a Profoundly beneficial effect on humankind


The ETHOS Mission

Our mission at ETHOS Health Communications is to improve the care and outcomes of people by becoming the leading source of credible, authoritative health information, resources, and activities. Our focus is to deliver superior scientific and strategic thinking. We are committed to creating the highest quality content and programming that informs, inspires, and activates.

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ethos [ee-thos, ee-thohs, eth-os, -ohs]


  • Sociology. The fundamental character or spirit of a culture; the underlying sentiment that informs the beliefs, customs, or practices of a group or society; dominant assumptions of a people or period. <In the Greek ethos the individual was highly valued.>
  • The character or disposition of a community, group, person, etc.
  • The moral element in dramatic literature that determines a character's action rather than his or her thought or emotion.

Origin: 1850-1855; from Greek ēthos custom, habit, character


Our focus at ETHOS Health Communications is to deliver superior scientific and strategic thinking. We are committed to creating the highest quality content and programming that informs, inspires, and activates.

Our company has distinguished itself through our team of highly credentialed science and strategy professionals with the training and experience to work in true partnership with pharmaceutical and biotech professionals "to translate the science of medicine into clinical benefits."

Our mission is to improve the care and outcomes of people by becoming the leading source of credible, authoritative health information, resources, and activities.

Core Values

  • We believe in the power of the science of medicine
  • We believe that medicine has had a profoundly beneficial effect on humankind
  • We believe that contributing to medicine is a worthy and noble endeavor
Core Values

Key Qualities

Qualities That Set ETHOS Apart

Strategy, Science, and Experience

At ETHOS, extensive pharmaceutical/biotech industry experience coupled with impressive credentials and leadership in science and medicine ensures that our teams bring unparalleled value to our clients. Each team is staffed by professionals with advanced degrees - PhD, MD, PharmD, MBA - from top institutions, and dedicated to a client team with the goal of creating an Integrated Partnership. The company's strong scientific and strategic capabilities ensure a deeper understanding of the value and relevance of clinical data; and enhance our knowledge and skill in building programs that translate science into clinical benefit to improve practice patterns and patient outcomes.

Novel Approaches and Innovative Solutions

ETHOS prides itself on being a problem-solving, solution-minded organization. With our novel methodologies and a passion for doing great work, we transform challenges into opportunity for our clients. And, with a clear understanding and a keen focus on our clients' objectives, we build innovative, evidence-based, and strategically guided solutions at the scale of the problem.

Excellence in Execution

We know that optimal results are achieved when there is equal emphasis placed on superior strategic thinking, precise planning, and excellence in execution. With this understanding, we work diligently to create and implement programs that are of the highest scientific and educational value. As we master these practices, we capture best practices into our ETHOS Standards of Excellence and train all team members.

Client Testimonials

“Really impressed with your attention to detail, timeliness, and strategic grounding”
- (Sr. Medical Director)

“In 20 years, I've seen good and bad advisory boards. Never before have I seen exemplary advisory boards until I worked with ETHOS”
- (Global Brand Director)

“ETHOS is the most strategic, scientific, and professional organization I’ve worked with...”
- (World-renowned Thought Leader)

“The whole ETHOS team is great...they make my life so easy. Happy to be working with ETHOS!”
- (Associate Director, MSLs)

“We never knew how bad our old process was until we worked with ETHOS”
- (MSL)

“Best-in-Class” medical communications company
- (Sourcing Lead)

“Top-notch” organization
- (Brand Manager)

“A Best practice”
- (Marketing Director)

“ETHOS seems to have captured magic in a bottle. The depth of talent at the company is so impressive. No matter who I work with at ETHOS I find them to be exemplary. And this seems to be a common theme with other brands that work with ETHOS. I recommend them everywhere.”
- (Sr. Brand Manager)

Integrated Partnerships

Different by Design

ETHOS Health Communications is different by design. The company is a full-service health communications company committed to the success of our clients. In order to deliver on this commitment to our clients, ETHOS has developed an approach that is unique in our industry. Following are the key elements of ETHOS’ unique approach:

  • Consistently demonstrate our commitment to the science and focus on Translating Science Into Clinical Benefit
  • Be opportunistic in the marketplace and in suggesting ways to enhance strategies and tactics; identify and share best practices
  • Measure the value of our work and be responsible and accountable for results; continually look for ways to improve the quality and impact of our programs
  • Understand that clients demand value from their programs as these initiatives are designed to improve patient care
  • Appreciate the unique nature of each client, brand, and project
  • Conduct our business with a long-term outlook
  • Remain focused on the fact that our reputation is based on work completed
expert medical education scientifically & strategically driven

Integrated Partnerships

At ETHOS, our scientific, strategic, and tactical expertise and experience makes us a unique, valued partner to our clients. We consistently find ourselves building client relationships that transcend the typical client-agency interaction. We love what we do and it shows in the work we produce and the relationships we build.

We work hard to become a true integrated partner—a member of the team— by offering support, guidance, and novel approaches to seize opportunities and tackle challenges. To ensure that these "promises" are more than just words, we have designed and practice a different way of "doing work." At ETHOS, our teams are built around our customers; from the lead Strategic Consultant to the Scientific Director to the writers and program managers—a truly customer-integrated team.

What does this mean for you? It means that we’ll be right by your side, ready to do whatever is necessary to get the job done, take work off of your plate, and deliver results. We have a keen understanding that results = superior strategic thinking + precise planning + excellence in execution, and we are dedicated to each part of this equation every day and long-term.


Comprehensive Strategic and Tactical Planning

Commercialization/Market Preparation, including Launch-Readiness Planning

  • Thought leader identification, plans of action, and development
  • Scientific and therapeutic advisory boards
  • Speaker bureau identification, planning, training, and development
  • Content development for scientific, clinical, promotional, and internal training use

Medical communications content development for scientific, disease state, promotional, and field training purposes

Scientific and data analyses, interpretation, and recommendations

Congress/medical association planning, innovative programming, and content development

  • Strategic and tactical publication planning, development, and implementation
  • Manuscripts, study reports, review articles, newsletters
  • Innovative programming, meetings, and events
Innovative Methodologies

Please contact us to learn more about these novel approaches

Medical Detectives

This is a patient-centric, innovative, highly engaging approach to case-based learning that incorporates experiential learning techniques to provide a more interesting, thought-provoking exploration of key medical education concepts and practices.

Each case is carefully crafted to place the audience in the position of “medical detective”—sorting through clues, analyzing information, and piecing together the narrative like a puzzle to solve the problem presented by the case.

ETHOS Science Matrix

This user-friendly, customizable resource summarizes and interprets key clinical and preclinical datasets to establish validated, evidence-based clinical messaging and identifies scientific commercialization opportunities as they relate to the competitive market landscape.

The Matrix has proven to be an invaluable tool for Medical and Marketing, and has also been expanded into a training tool to enhance the knowledge and skill of the sales team.


An analytical tool designed to enhance marketing impact by optimizing the brand's tactical reach and frequency (impact) against target audiences.

ETHOS Engage

ETHOS Health Communications understands the growing need to enhance interactivity and engagement in today’s live meetings and other events. Designed for use with the iPad, the new ETHOS Engage meeting platform transforms the traditional live meeting experience, facilitating more meaningful interactions between attendees and the meeting content while providing powerful data collection capabilities. The ETHOS Engage meeting platform offers specialized applications to facilitate a range of live meetings, including advisory boards, speaker training, and sales training programs.

Emerging Science Networks

A series of web presentations bringing together physician affinity groups to receive and discuss educational content based upon specific characteristics.

  • Attendee recruitment based upon specific physician characteristics and interests
  • Attendee Lists to be provided prior to each program, leveraging KOL relationships to ensure program attendance
  • All programs to begin with attendee introductions and an overview of affiliations/characteristics relevant to the program
  • Audience Response Questions (with instant display of responses) and Live Chat features stimulate attendee discussion and engagement
  • Option to culminate at a live event after the series of web presentations

Leadership Team

Click on the photos of the individuals below to learn more about the members of our leadership team. As you will see, the unique breadth and depth of their experience combined with their determined focus guide our company’s efforts to deliver superior scientific and strategic thinking.

Meet Our Team

At ETHOS Health Communications, we are committed to providing the best in science and strategy to contribute in the most meaningful ways to the goal of improving the care and outcomes of patients. The company is comprised of more than 80 experienced and credentialed professionals who are devoted to what we refer to as our "Prime Directive" - Translating the Science of Medicine into Clinical Benefit. The members of our senior team possess decades of practical and leadership experience in healthcare, notably: pharmaceutical sales and marketing, strategic consulting, advanced scientific research and development and clinical care at nationally recognized academic institutions. We are proud of our strong and growing reputation for delivering innovative and proven results. For this we have earned our clients' trust, resulting in long-standing relationships.




Apply Now

ETHOS Health Communications is a rapidly growing, high-energy, team-focused company committed to improving patient health through comprehensive science-centered research and education. If you feel strongly about medical education and contributing to the improvement of patients’ lives, please contact us.

Job Opportunities

Strategic Account Manager

An ETHOS Strategic Account Manager (SAM) is the first line of support to the Strategic Account Director. In this position, the SAMs will manage projects under the direction of the Strategic Account Director, and having mastered the responsibilities outlined below, eventually assume their own book of business as a Strategic Account Director StrAcctDir).

The SAM will work hand-in-hand with the StrAcctDirs to meet and exceed their goals through support and execution of their core responsibilities:

  • Big Picture for Clients
    • Understand the business challenges your client is facing and what strategic questions they are or should be asking
    • Help clients define and achieve their business goals
    • Prepare annual strategic/tactical plans for each client and individual campaign/project plans as needed throughout the year
    • Manage and strengthen client relationships
    • Propose, sell to clients, and oversee ideas and projects that are tied to clients' objectives
    • Continuously offer unsolicited ideas to increase the effective of clients brand and company activities
  • Big Picture for ETHOS
    • Understand revenue generation and recognition, and contribute to ETHOS' profitability through good management
    • Serve as an advocate and strong representative for ETHOS
    • Identify and cultivate new business opportunities (even if it means just passing them along internally)
  • Day-to-Day for Clients
    • Initiate and oversee ETHOS activities on behalf of and in support of clients
    • Manage day-to-day client-ETHOS communication on strategy (ideas, recommendations, approaches to consider) and planning
    • Become a partner to each client, functioning as an extension of the client's team by taking ownership and accountability for their business
  • Day-to-Day for ETHOS
    • Closely manage clients' budget and team efficiency to maximize return for clients and ETHOS
    • Work with the internal team to exceed clients' expectations
    • Mentor, train, and coach team members to facilitate growth and development
  • Additional Responsibilities
    • Stay abreast of developments (eg, science, competitors, regulations) in clients' industries
    • Keep honing marketing and strategy expertise to better serve clients and ETHOS
    • Network and connect to grow your influence and add value

Support of the StrAcctDir may include tasks, such as: assisting in the preparation of annual strategic/tactical plans for clients and ETHOS, addressing ad hoc client requests and needs, reviewing and finalizing materials for distribution to the client or other external parties, participating in and/or leading calls with clients or healthcare practitioners, preparing content as necessary to fulfill client requirements, traveling to and attending and supporting live meetings with clients and/or healthcare practitioners, and more. The day-to-day activities of a SAM will vary greatly depending on client needs, account size, product status, and ETHOS needs and may include assuming an independent lead role on individual projects as well as responsibility for a modest revenue goal.

Desired Skills

We seek highly motivated people with outstanding professional credentials, business accomplishment, and leadership. In addition, we place high value on relevant personal qualities: resourcefulness, tenacity, independence, energy, and self-confidence.

Professional Qualifications:

  • At least 3 years account management (client and internal team) experience within the medical communications or related industry
  • Strong strategic and analytical background
  • Strong desire to learn in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Strong time management skills to work effectively within demanding timelines
  • Ability to interact in a professional manner with clients and thought leaders in a variety of therapeutic areas
  • Ability to understand and interpret market dynamics, scientific information, and clinical and preclinical data
  • Ability to interpret business metrics and financial information

Preferred Qualifications: Advanced degree (PhD, MD, or PharmD) in life sciences, pharmacy, medicine, and/or advanced degree in management, marketing, or business.

We will consider individuals for the SAM position who do not have direct pharmaceutical/biotech experience if they possess a strong strategic and analytical background and a strong desire to learn in a fast-paced environment.

About ETHOS:

ETHOS Health Communications is an award-winning medical communications agency that partners with leading pharmaceutical and biotech marketing and medical teams to build and communicate the science of medicine. We provide value-added strategic and tactical services that transform the potential of a brand into commercial success across its lifecycle, from early clinical and commercial development and launch through end of exclusivity optimization. ETHOS was founded in 2002 by two entrepreneurs with an understanding that translating the science of a therapy into clinical benefit for the stakeholders of care should be its "prime directive." Our growing staff consists of professionals with advanced degrees in science as well as those with extensive strategic brand marketing and consulting credentials. Together we've created a culture that is passionate and creative, flexible and efficient, and attentive and accountable to the individualized needs of our clients.

ETHOS is an equal opportunity employer and offers a competitive salary and benefits package.

Contact Information:

Patricia D. Kelly
Vice President - Human Resources
ETHOS Health Communications, Inc.
777 Township Line Road
Suite 300
Yardley, PA 19067
215-867-1900 (phone)
215-867-1906 (fax)
Art Director

The Art Director is responsible for developing the overarching visual style, artistic themes, and tone of program elements, while ensuring brands’ strategic objectives are met. This person will collaborate with the Sr. Art Director to design meaningful and effective materials for medical education programs, as well as promotional concepts, in keeping with brand standards. The Art Director develops and produces innovative creative concepts and ideas that push conventional design boundaries. This person collaborates with internal account teams to manage creative program elements and to ensure all deliverables are completed to ETHOS high standards of quality, in a timely fashion and within budget. With a solid understanding of brand and client goals, the Art Director will develop impactful, strategically driven creative tactics. The Art Director must be able to communicate clearly and effectively with team members, including: Account Directors, Program Managers, Scientific Directors, Medical Writers, other Art Directors, as well as the VP, Creative Services. The Art Director will stay current with industry best practices and innovations for creative design, typography, as well as interactive marketing and digital media trends.


  • Collaborate with Account Director and Content teams to develop original creative concepts through to final execution for each assigned brand
    • Clearly understand the strategic objectives for each program and translate these objectives into meaningful and effective deliverables
    • Develop overarching visual style to align with each program element
  • Work closely with Program Managers and Account Director to monitor all project deliverables and deadlines
  • Contribute to brainstorming sessions
  • Create innovative branded and unbranded concepts
  • Provide insightful creative input during team status meetings
  • Present your ideas internally and externally to clients
  • Together with Sr. Art Director, manage and prioritize project workload
    • Work within allotted hours, budgets, and deadlines
  • Manage outsourced projects; coordinate with printers and other contract vendors
    • Provide detailed art direction and monitor progress
    • Supervise deliverables and quality, while keeping within scope and budget
  • Manage, recommend, design and develop tactics for both traditional and digital media, such as: medical and promotional presentations, sales training modules, tradeshow materials, brochures, posters, interactive presentations, email and ad unit campaigns, videos, etc.
    • Assist with designing various ETHOS marketing materials
    • Assist with new business development
      • Design sample creative ideas and engaging infographics for Proposals
  • Deliverables are completed based on ETHOS Standards of Excellence, per timeline, and in compliance with budgeted hours


  • Creative thinker who can understand strategic objectives and translate them into meaningful multi-channel creative solutions
  • Personable team player and multitasker who can expertly deliver projects on tight deadlines, and with-in budget
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Must possess exceptional computer skills. Macintosh operating system a must. PC knowledge a plus.
  • Thorough understanding of print production process, user interface design, interactive media design, image optimization, and industry best practices
  • Macintosh; Advanced knowledge of InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office and Acrobat


  • BA/BS in advertising, communication design or visual arts
  • 2-3 years experience working as an Art Director in medical communications, marketing, or advertising agencies; or 4 years design experience in an agency setting is required
  • Demonstrated ability to think creatively and provide targeted solutions, from concept to development, and through to final production of tactics
  • Experience with brand development, new business development, producing materials for medical education programs, brainstorming promotional concepts
  • Experience designing interactive marketing projects: HTML5, CSS, website design and i-Pad application design and development
  • Ability to manage challenging situations and multiple projects with tight deadlines
  • Ability to communicate effectively; both orally and written
  • Ability to function well in a team environment


ETHOS is a rapidly growing, high-energy, team-focused company committed to improving patient health through comprehensive science-centered research and education. If you feel strongly about medical education and contributing toward helping to improve patients’ lives, please contact us. Please include your resume and salary requirements.

ETHOS is an equal opportunity employer and offers a competitive salary and benefits package.

Contact Information:

Patricia D. Kelly
Vice President - Human Resources
ETHOS Health Communications, Inc.
777 Township Line Road
Suite 300
Yardley, PA 19067
215-867-1900 (phone)
215-867-1906 (fax)
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